Monday, July 24, 2006

July 24, 2006

We had a busy weekend as always. It seems to never end some days. Katie had a birthday party on Saturday, then we had a BBQ at my sister and her boyfriends, that was great. There were some people there that I hadn't seen in some time, so it was nice to catch up. You forget how much you miss people until they are around again.
Katie and I spent the morning yesterday at the Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater. We had a great morning with Missy and Mykala, a good time had by all. The girls ran around and went down all the slides many times.
It is nice to see Katie and how she interacts with other kids. It makes me proud that she can deal with any type of child, and any type of situation. That is a good sign as we start the last year of preschool.
I had to work last night, but it is hours, and that is the important part of it. We are using the money from Old Navy as much as we can to pay off some bills, and that is hard to do when you are so limited with income.

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